Ernest Hemingway

Brand Introduction

The Ernest Hemingway brand represents the qualities most readily associated with the American literary legend. The brand embodies the spirit of romance and adventure espoused by one of the great personalities of the 20th century.

First and foremost a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winning author of world renown, Ernest Hemingway is nearly as famous for his legendary lifestyle as his writing. A true sportsman and outdoorsman, Hemingway traveled the world pursuing his passions. A resident of Havana, Key West, Paris, and Ketchum, Idaho, Hemingway hunted big game on African safaris, sat ringside at Spanish bullfights, fished the world’s oceans, and traveled extensively throughout Europe in time of war and peace.

Hemingway products are timeless and enduring. Authenticity and quality are hallmarks of the brand, in design and construction. The romantic and international appeal of the Hemingway legend is embodied in the select group of products fit to bear the name.

어니스트 헤밍웨이(Ernest Hemingway)는 미국의 전설적인 작가 어니스트 헤밍웨이의 iconic identity를 살린 라이프 스타일 브랜드입니다.

2000년, 라이선스 제품인 가구제품을 시작으로 의류, 화장품, 와인, 소스, 낚시용품, 필기류 등 다양한 프리미엄 상품을 출시하였고, 

헤밍웨이의 이름을 내건 Bar도 파리 리츠호텔에 오픈하여 많은 이들의 사랑을 받고 있습니다.

작가, 모험가, 사냥가, 어부, 저널리스트 등 전 세계를 무대로 열정적이고 다양한 삶을 살아온 헤밍웨이의 spirit이 담긴 브랜드입니다.



Timeless, Authentic, Adventurous, Outdoorman

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