Grace Ciao

Brand Introduction

Grace Ciao is a Fashion Illustrator and Artist who authentically engages with sustainability through using flowers in her work.

Her designs communicate the natural beauty of flowers and connect viewers by making them experience nature in new and surprising ways. She encourages her viewers to think of ways that they can work with the world they live in, rather than merely within it.

Grace has illustrated for some of the industry's leading names, including Chanel, Dior, Elie Saab, Jaeger-LeCoultre, JW Marriott Venice, and Saks Fifth Avenue New York among others. Her stylish characters, whom she affectionately calls "Bloom Belles", have appeared in TV commercials, on limited edition products, and on the walls of shopping malls.

그레이스 차오는 싱가포르의 패션 일러스트레이터 입니다.

실제 꽃을 활용한 일러스트를 시작으로, 수 많은 명품 브랜드(샤넬, 디올, 티파니, 로레얄, 에스티로더 등)들과의 협업으로 더욱 더 유명세를 탔습니다.

2021년 포브스 선정 ‘30세 이하 유명 아시아인 30명’ 에 선정될 정도로 현재 활발히 활동 중이며, 본인의 이름을 딴 브랜드를 런칭하여 전개 중 입니다.



Art, Romantic, Lovely

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