제목 [2018.02] Clipping - 'Landscape' lifestyle partners increase
작성자 pnp0275
작성일자 2018-03-15

'Landscape' lifestyle partners increase

 LifeStyle partners in Swiss Sports 'LANDSCAPE', a licensed professional agent introduced by Sung Yoon PNP (representative Park Moon Hee), have increased recently.

 The 'Landscape', which is strong against sports DNA, was introduced when the outdoor market was booming, and was actively involved in recruiting partners in the outdoor and sports sectors at the beginning.

 Early introduction Sunglasses, sports goggles, camping mats, barbecue charcoal, men's and women's sportswear, sports shoes and leisure goods and sports items showed strong.

 One encouraging thing is that in the last two years, new contractors in the lifestyle sector have increased, including living and housing.

 The company has entered into new contracts in the fields of writing, leather wallets, kitchen appliances, household appliances, kitchen utensils, foam block wall paper, beddings, curtains, carpets, bags, umbrellas, parasols and leather gloves.

 'Landscape' is a Swiss outdoors that expresses untreated naturalism. Sung Yoon PNP introduced in 2005.

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