제목 [2018.07] Clipping - Sweden introduced 'Bjorn Borg' licenses
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작성일자 2018-07-03

Sweden introduced 'Björn Borg' licenses

Sung-Yoon PNP Communications, a global brand licensing and consulting firm, introduced Sweden's famous sports wear 'Björn Borg' this season.

'Björn Borg' is a legendary Swedish tennis player who won the Wimbledon title in the 1970s. Called "the rock star of the tennis world," he was very popular in the 70s and '80s with his tennis skills as well as his long blond hair, pinstripe polo, track jackets and hair bands. In 1984, his fashion brand was launched. 

'Björn Borg' is currently developing its brand business in more than 20 countries around the world, including Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and Finland. From next year, we will expand the countries that have reached Germany and the United States. 

In May, the film 'Borg VS McEnroe', a film about Wimbledon match between 'Björn Borg' and his rival John McEnroe, was shown in Korea. 

Sung-Yoon PNP started recruiting license partners for sportswear, underwear, accessories, accessories and bags from this month. 
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