제목 [2019.11] Clipping - PNP, introduced Swedish brand 'Acqua Limone'
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작성일자 2019-11-14



<PNP, introduced Swedish brand 'Acqua Limone'>


Sungyoon PNP Communications (CEO Park Moon-hee), which specializes in global brand licensing and consulting, signed off on a contract for a master agent for Swedish premium casual "ACQUA LIMONE" in September.


At the same time, Lotte Homeshopping launched "Aqua Limone" as it signed a sub-licensing contract with Greti, a global lifestyle company that is developing WonderBra and PlayTex.


"Acqua Limone" is a brand that started in 1979 in Goteborg, Sweden, and it was originally named in Italian after seeing founder Ilse Stålblad always provide lemon slices into water glasses in Italy. It is the first fashion brand in Northern Europe designed by a Swedish designer and produced in Italy.

It is a premium Unisex brand that cannot be seen in existing markets and seeks slow-down fashion that allows the entire family to wear for 100 years in terms of quality and style.


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