제목 [2019.11] Clipping - License Hot Brand & Company
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License Hot Brand & Company - SungyoonPNP


SungYoonPNP (CEO Park Moon-hee) is a 15-year licensing agent that manages a number of global brand licenses, including Crocodile, St.Scott, Landscape and Chester Barrie.

The company recently reorganized its portfolio of license brands to reflect the needs of the industry. Not only fashion, it is also developing various categories including sports, home decor, home appliances and non-fashion. It has increased its introduction mainly by brands that have high market hit rates. 

Since this year, the company has been focusing on discovering brands with individuality and its own colors that can appeal to the millennial and Generation Z and demonstrate adaptability to the new distribution paradigm.


From a few years ago, the company also launched a global licensing business to discover and introduce competitive brands operated by Korean fashion companies overseas. Fashion companies have also begun consulting on exports and trade, as more and more fashion companies are using both licenses and direct imports. With know-how accumulated through licensing businesses, Samsung Electronics is planning to gradually expand its business scope to sourcing at home and abroad.

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